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Apples and blackberries

Written By: Misha - Apr• 03•12

Have you ever glared at your Apple or Blackberry with such disdain that the chirpy little icons suddenly seem to glow just a little less brightly?

Or have you ever been in a restaurant when the waiter talks about the hot blackberry crumble dessert on special that day… and you suddenly PANIC!  Surely this is a formidable sign that your entire world is crumbling without your knowledge…. because you left your Blackberry in your car!!

If so, then maybe it’s time to take a break.  And think of Apples and Blackberries as nothing more than sweet fruit… just for a while.

And today over at Little Hero Hosting, that’s exactly what I’m guest blogging about.

Allowing Apples and Blackberries to be fruits again.

Have you ever been game enough to turn off your Apple or Blackberry, just for a day?

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One Comment

  1. haha it took me a moment to figure out what you were going on about.. lol that should mean Im ok yeah?

    I have just started putting limits on the amount of time I spend with the phone glued to my hand..

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