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Written By: Misha - Jul• 29•12

Please note that this is a promotional post

At some stage of their lives, everyone dreams of owning a real, live octopus.

Not just to have black ink for your quill always at the ready.  Or in case you have a sudden craving for hot calamari and chips.  No.  It’s because you have always wondered what you would really be able to achieve if only you had eight arms.  And you want to intently study an ethereal creature of the deep that has just that.  Only, you know, without having to  do any actual scientific study.

So if you had eight arms… would you be able to simultaneously put a bandaid on a scraped knee whilst hanging out laundry, answering the inane questions of a telemarketer on the phone and painting your toenails aqua-marine blue?  Or would you be able to catch up with all of your emails, internet banking, facebooking and tweeting whilst working on four laptops…. simultaneously.  Oh the possibilities!  I could redefine the meaning of the word “Octomom”!   And maybe, just maybe, I could fulfill my dream of one day being a guest on the Martha Stewart show… “One mum reveals the secret behind how she manages to keep it all together!”  Actually it probably wouldn’t be much of a secret… being that I would be floating around town with eight arms and all.

Anyhoo, my friends at Groupon Australia recently moved office and while tidying up their desks, came across an unused Groupon Voucher valued at $500.  As you do.  And they are running a competition to give away the ancient (but still valid) Groupon Voucher they unearthed.  To enter the competition, all you need to do is write a short blog post, saying what you would do with the $500 of Groupon Credit, then send the URL of your post to

If I won the $500 Groupon Voucher I’d buy a real live octopus and spend my days languidly watching it swish around its tank while dreaming of what I would do if only I had eight arms.  And then I’d google a tasty seafood carbonara recipe.

Good luck!